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Descubre el significado esotérico de las polillas en la casa

20 abril, 2024
Descubre el significado esotérico de las polillas en la casa

Esoteric Significance of Moths in the House

The symbolic representation of moths in the house is deeply rooted in folklore and is surrounded by many mystical beliefs. In certain cultural and spiritual contexts, moths are seen as celestial messengers, responsible for guiding lost souls towards their higher destiny. On the other hand, in other cultures and spiritual practices, these small insects may be seen as symbols of transformation, natural growth and the continuous cycle of life.

No matter what culture or spiritual context we are talking about, moths play an important role in esoteric tradition, as their meaning and interpretation go beyond physical traits and attributes. When we talk about the spiritual significance of moths, we refer to more abstract concepts and meanings, representing the bridge between the mundane and the divine.

The Moth in a Spiritual Context

When we talk about moths in a spiritual context, we refer to two different symbols: the night moth and the day moth. While both are considered holy or spiritual symbols, they have different meanings, related to the spiritual learning of their observers.

The Night Moth

The night moth is believed to represent the spiritual guidance, coming to the observer in the form of a dark figure. The dark figure symbolizes the unknown, the obscure and the mysterious, which lie beyond our ordinary reality. The night moth invites us to take a journey of spiritual discovery, which ultimately leads us to a place of spiritual knowledge.

The Day Moth

The day moth symbolizes the beginnings and endings of our cycle of growth. It is seen as a representation of the natural cycle of life and death, representing the changes that take place within our spiritual journey. The day moth teaches us to accept the change and evolve, allowing us to learn from our mistakes and develop spiritually.


When moths come into our lives, they bring a message of transformation, growth and evolution. They remind us of the need to start a spiritual journey of discovery, daring to explore our innermost depths and unlocking the secrets of existence. Moths in the house can be seen as a spiritual sign, waiting to be read and interpreted in different ways.